28th September
7.30pm – 9.30pm

The Kabbalists, sages and transcendentals place great importance on connecting to the cosmic window that is available to us during the New & Full Moon period. The purpose of connecting to the New Full Moon, the Kabbalists explain, is to enable our soul to rewire and go to a new level if we know the astrology, consciousness and tools to help connect to it. Matt Taylor, a karmic alchemist, will guide the group to connect to this particular energy of clearing out the old year and bringing in the new cycle for the soul.

3-5 days

30th Sep – 10th Oct

An Urban Detox is an opportunity to benefit from the process of fasting without leaving the city.

Choose between a 3 or 5 day program and experience the amazing benefits of fasting, boost the health and well-being of your body, releasing and cleansing everything you no longer need not only physically, but also mentally and emotionally.

You will be supported by a team of professionals who will accompany you on this transformative inner journey.


11th of October

Join us for an evening of meditation, exploration and surrender. During this evening workshop Talitha will lead the group through a process of inner journeying and purification as we gather as women to heal, honour and tune into the power of our wombs. When unblocked the womb space has the capacity to generate huge amounts of energy and to help one’s relationship to others and oneself to flow peacefully and joyfully. In this workshop Talitha will be sharing a healing practice called Womb Pulsing.


20th October
6pm – 8pm

These monthly workshops are aimed at joining us together in harmony, creating a space whereby we can explore our most intimate instrument and begin to understand the power our voice holds. In these gatherings we learn how to access the beauty and vulnerability of the voice, using mantra to refine and align our speech with that of an elevated language that heals rather than harms. Through the repetition of certain mantras we enter into spaces of meditation and prayer. We listen, we harmonise, we co-create and collaborate to create a beauty that nourishes and enriches the heart.


3rd October

Inversions and Arm balances quite literally bring MAGIC into our lives as well as shape and tone our shoulders arms and core!! These poses teach us how to cultivate focus and trust, and are the perfect blend of strength and alignment and remind us that we already have everything that we need to succeed. This workshop is for all levels, there will be two hours of vinyasa yoga flow sequence that will open hips, bring attention to the core and allow you to explore an array of arm balances, twisting variations and transitions between poses as we move. We will also explore and work on our hearts, cultivating a connection with our inner space.


9th-11th of November

Tantra is about evolution, love, surrender, transcending the ego and much more… During this immersive 2 day workshop, you will be discovering the life-embracing philosophy that is Tantra, and you are invited to celebrate and discover the power of sacred sexuality. I will introduce you to the secrets of this unique path, and transform lovemaking into a spiritual experience. You will learn about what Tantra truly is, and how it compares to other spiritual practices. Practical and theoretical elements are woven in this exciting journey to sacred sexuality. By the end of the workshop, you will have the tools and knowledge to take your own steps on the tantric spiritual path and begin using sexuality as a liberating spiritual practice.


22nd of November

Come and join the womens circle FEMMES FUTURE in celebration of the New Moon in Scorpio.FEMMES FUTURE is a community event for women, who come together to honour their life path, their femininity and mother nature. It is a space where we meet other women on eye level for authentic self-expression, spiritual growth and genuine sisterhood. In this circle we share, we cry, we laugh, we care – together. Femmes Future is the place to unlock and celebrate your creative power, your delightful grace, as well as your wild warrioress.


7th – 8th of December
10.30am – 7pm

This course is the module 2 of the series of workshop call “the path of Union”. DEEPEN YOUR LEVEL OF INTIMACY CONNECTION WITH YOURSELF (AND YOUR PARTNER), through conscious touch tantric bodywork. This course is a practical exiting journey that will open your eye on the beauty of intimacy & connection at a deeper level.